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A Personal Reflection on Anxiety

As we walk through unprecedented times, I have found myself being anxious – often inexplicably – about what is going on in the world – and what is going on in my life. If we are to be effective – not only in our jobs, but in our families and in our schools – we… Read more »

What Comes Next?

The past month or so has been the most challenging month in memory for most of us in the Education field. Four weeks ago, I think it’s safe to say that nobody would have thought schools across the country would be completely shut down. But, here we are. For the past few weeks, schools have… Read more »

No State Test? No Problem!

Anecdotally, it sounds like most states are canceling the end of year-standardized tests this year. For some schools, that could be a substantial loss of student data and methods to assess achievement in their system. However, for most districts and schools, the loss of year-end state test data should not be a significant loss of data. Again, anecdotally, and from experience, schools have more than enough student data and this could be a moment for schools to step back and improve assessment use and fidelity of implementation and interpretation. Some questions swirling involve how to plan for students coming back with summer slide coupled with pandemic slide, assessment can provide some context for whom your most critical students are and how to plan for the entire grade level.

Next Year!

This post is by guest blogger, Chris Birr, EdS. Birr is a member of the ion Board of Directors, a School Psychologist, MTSS Coordinator and deep thinker. Chris lives in suburban Columbus, Ohio with his wife, two daughters and dog. Disclaimer, this is focused on academic skill attainment. Social-emotional learning is critical and our focus… Read more »