Video: Summit on Early Literacy

Last week, I had the great opportunity to attend the Summit on Early Literacy hosted by the Thompson Center on Public Leadership at UW-Madison. The session featured four fantastic speakers – including author Emily Hanford – who has publised the “Sold a Story” podcast. Her talk was fantastic – but for me, the standouts were […]

Dynamic Decision Making – What Is It?

The process of decision making by humans has been studied for decades – even longer if you include philosophy. What is clear is that the process of making decisions within the brain is complex. In a school setting, there are hundreds of thousands of decisions that happen every single day.  From whether or not a […]

Supporting Tier 1 Instruction with ion

schoolgirl writing in classroom lesson

NAEP released its 2023 findings back in January, and to practically nobody’s surprise, the data was less than stellar.  Scores are down sharply from 2019 (COVID) – but are flat from 1992. But, when broken down by percentile performance, some startling patterns emerge. By and large, the kids who are advanced and proficient tend to […]