Advanced Analytics for Schools

Connecting the Dots of Education Data

Data Analytics

ion is designed to empower educators by providing advanced data analytics to help identify and understand the factors that impact student performance. This way, we can help make effective decisions and improve outcomes for all learners.


Our tools offer real-time insights into student progress in intervention. Easily track academic, behavior, and SEL skill development. Countless educators trust our proven track record of improving educational outcomes and unlocking student potential.

Case Management

Our digital file box simplifies tracking extra services for students. Our reliable and innovative solution stores and streamlines important information. Trust us for efficient management and easy access to vital data on each student.

How we can help you

Data Analytics

Dashboards in ion provide a big picture look at the impact of your programs and initiatives. Display assessment, attendance and behavioral charts, plus many more key performance indicators.

Data Walls

ion’s Data Wall technology makes drilling into data quick and easy. Each data wall can be customized and can include assessment, attendance, grades, behavioral, and intervention details.

Drill-Down Detail

Clicking on any score in a Data Wall will display detailed information about that assessment and the score each student received during that particular screening period.


With a skills first approach to MTSS, ion’s tools provide real-time insight into student progress in intervention. Track academic, behavior and social – emotional programs with ease. ion makes it easy to implement progress monitoring.

Student Profile

The ion Student Profile page provides a historical view of key quantitative and qualitative information for any selected student. View longitudinal performance data as well as notes, documents, etc. 

Intervention Group

Monitor intervention group performance and the fidelity of implementation with ion’s intervention dashboard. Attendance and progress monitoring are quickly displayed to note trends and areas of concern.

Case Management
Case Management

For students who require additional services, ion’s Case Management tools ensure schools are meeting specific requirements and give you the resources to provide detailed reporting as needed.

Case Dashboard

This dashboard assists student support specialists and administrators to track student development through key performance indicators, that provide real-time insight into student progress. 


Easily build student referral forms that have the ability to automatically generate academic, behavior, and SEL intervention plans, ready for immediate progress monitoring and reporting.

Extended Features
Team Meetings

Once data has been collected and organized for analysis, staff can use the ion Team Meetings resource to outline meeting agendas, review goals and build next steps to support school improvement. #TeacherCollaboration

Behavior Referral

Track behavior referrals including the student(s) involved, the behavior problem details, the time and location of the event that occurred, and the school’s response. Quick reports help administrators quickly identify trends.   

Adhoc Reporting

Quickly create custom reports on an as-needed basis that can be saved as templates for future use. These reports can be downloaded in spreadsheet and PDF formats for easy distribution and information sharing. 



ion has helped us create a meaningful school improvement plan. It has provided a structure for how we navigate and document MTSS in our district and provides critical insights for teachers to utilize in their daily professional practice. We have seen staff engage with data in new ways with an enthusiasm not seen before.
Colleen Boyle
Bexley, OH
Using ion has supported our staff effectively track, monitor and share treatment progress of the youth we serve. It allows us to quickly identify if interventions and other services should be augmented to better meet individual student needs, while mitigating unconscious bias and identifying outcomes that might be otherwise overlooked.
Jordan Ullman
Seneca Family of Services

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