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Winter Benchmark Period – Are You Ready?

Girl Taking Test In School
As the next benchmark/universal screening window approaches, leaders, teachers and interventionists far and wide are preparing to create yet another spreadsheet.

Which means lots of hours spent in front of a computer screen, lots of frustration, maybe even some tears. The only ones who really benefit are Starbucks (because who wouldn’t caffeinate up, right?).

The dilemma staff face, though, is much more challenging than the age old question of whether to use Excel or Google Sheets.

How come? Because, in the end, spreadsheets create more problems than they solve. 

Spreadsheets are prone to human error. When you have to hand-enter data into a spreadsheet, you can make mistakes. It happens. We’ve all done it. In addition to the manual entry issue, have you ever tried to sort a spreadsheet, and gotten that cryptic pop-up asking you if you want to expand the selection? 

I remember a situation where a school clicked “no” – and soon they had students who were identified for G/T showing up to reading interventions. Whoops!

They don’t automatically update when new data are present. You probably know this situation well. Copy/Paste or type in how many scores?

Finally, seeing big picture trends is just not possible. Unless you have been diligent with your spreadsheets, seeing trends over years is nearly impossible. Even if it is possible, the spreadsheets are going to be so big that they crash your computer. (Because Tech never gives you a powerful enough machine, am I right?)

So, how do you plan to measure your biggest initiatives are achieved this year? If the question is answered with a new spreadsheet – there might be a better way.

ion is the dynamic decision making engine you didn’t know you needed. 

Let’s schedule a time where we can show you how ion can eliminate your spreadsheet fatigue. 

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