95% Of All School Districts...

Can’t quickly and effectively manage their district and student outcomes with their current data systems.

ion is here to help you change that! 

Ditch The Spreadsheets!

What are a few of the biggest problems you’ve run into with spreadsheets?

Have you ever wished you could ditch the spreadsheets? There has to be a better way!

Managing data in Excel or Google Sheets is a painstaking, error-prone task that requires constant monitoring and manual work. If you’re like most educators, you don’t have time to waste updating and inputting information into multiple spreadsheets every week.

Imagine having access to a robust data engine that makes it easy for you to keep track of student growth, from multiple sources – all in one place. A tool that can help unlock the mysteries in your district and equip you to make good, data-driven decisions.

Imagine if you had more time to focus on supporting your team by freeing yourself from the burden of managing a slew of spreadsheets.

Introducing a state-of-the-art software solution, ion Analytics, a powerful tool for dynamic decision making. Packed with a host of innovative features. ion helps you make more informed decisions in less time, enabling you to take charge of student mastery.

ion's flexible K-12 data platform on an iPad

ion enables Dynamic Decision Making

In a top-performance school, staff and educational administrators are used to making complex decisions that shape our future leaders. Educators may even have archaic processes in place that make decision making somewhat effective.

But when data-backed evidence is not readily available to aid in making those decisions, final decisions can become slow and inefficient.

Enter ion! It’s data you can count on. Ion analytics gives school leaders and educators the accurate, real-time data they need to make smart, dynamic decisions while improving teacher and team collaboration and empowering the leaders throughout our educational systems to make powerful, impactful decisions. With ion, you can get the most from your data and data viewing dashboards to build a more accurate picture of what’s happening in your schools. A unified classroom can build the foundation for a unified world of education.


data analytics for schools using ion


ion data wall student level data
ion's Dashboards and Data Walls make it easy for you to understand how your students are performing. Our visually engaging dashboards highlight student success and growth areas, so you can take action quickly.


ion intervention group dashboard k12 data analytics for mtss
ion is all about helping educators see the big picture. ion's intervention groups help educators monitor group performance and attendance as well as cohort performance - all in one place.


ion mtss skill intervention plan
ion is a skill monitoring tool that helps staff understand the impact that an intervention is having on a skill over time. You can set goals and monitor rate of improvement to track key details of a student's growth.

There are hundreds of ways to use ion for more dynamic decision making. 

Often, ion is used to identify students for Tier 2 and 3 interventions. ion’s Dashboards and Data Walls help teachers zero in on students who need additional support.

Students needing additional support and instruction are placed into group interventions, where they can receive the help they need to succeed in areas like standardized testing. 

Then, ion tracks their progress over time and helps staff decide when a student needs more support or is ready to exit an intervention group.

To explore more ways ion can equip your staff for making dynamic decisions, be sure to schedule a consultation.

9 Reasons Our Customers Love Dynamic Decision Making with


“ion is always there when I need them – with quick and helpful responses.”


“The team at ion is always realistic with their promises and responses.”


“Our implementation is focused and deliberate. Always on point and moving.”


“ion meets with us more often than any other vendor we have. We appreciate that!”


“They don’t put us in a box like other systems. They help us build the box we need!”

Focus on Whole-Child

“ion provides tools for us to use from Tier 1 to Special Education.”


“Students and Teachers come first. ion’s team doesn’t just talk about, they live it.”


“Every time I talk to ion’s team, they treat me like I’m their only customer.”


“ion’s team instills confidence that we have chosen the right partner.”

We're on a mission to improve schools

We believe that better schools build better communities. It’s that core belief that drives our mission to be your partner in school improvement.

At ion, we are constantly striving to change the way educators use data. We want them to get information quickly and easily. We want teachers and principals to have access to more information than ever before, to build better schools for our students.

You’re in the business of building schools. We’re in the business of building tools that make your work easier. Schedule a consultation today – and expolore the possibilities of a partnership with ion!

ion puts all the relevant data we need at our fingertips. We can make decisions so much faster because of this tool.

Spencer - Math Coordinator

Kansas City Area, KS

If you are a school district interested in efficiently helping students, then the answer is, YES, you need ion!


Data Coordinator

Their goal has been to not only create a great data system, but help schools develop the culture and capacity to utilize it and amplify their instruction and MTSS!


San Diego, CA


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