Lebanon Public Schools:

One little change - changed everything.

Two years ago, Lebanon School District and our team embarked on a journey with high hopes. They chose our ion platform, eager to harness the power of data in education. However, the road was bumpier than anyone anticipated.

Data is not easy

The main challenge? The technical side of things was overwhelming for Rita and her team. They were educators, not IT pros, and the workload and tech requirements of ion were more than they bargained for. Frustration was mounting, and the full potential of ion remained untapped.

The one little change

Enter ion+. Recognizing the struggle, we proposed a shift to this all-inclusive package. This wasn't just an upgrade; it was a lifeline. We took on the technical heavy lifting – system integrations, data management, report and dashboard creation. Suddenly, Rita's team could breathe. They logged in and were met with clear, actionable insights. No more tech hurdles; just straight to the data they needed.

It was the right move

Rita's relief was palpable. "Switching to ion+ was the right move," she said. It transformed their experience, turning a source of stress into a means of empowerment. This transition wasn't just about solving technical problems. It was about understanding and responding to the needs of our customers, making sure our solutions truly serve those who use them. For Lebanon School District, ion+ opened up new possibilities for data-driven decision-making, with minimal fuss on their end.

Providing peace of mind

It's been a rewarding experience for us too, highlighting the importance of adaptability and support. Seeing the district now make the most out of their data, with ease, is a reminder of why we do what we do.