Meet Our Team: A Century of Collective Wisdom

Our team is a dynamic blend of seasoned educators and district allies, boasting nearly 100 years of combined experience. We've lived the classroom life and have stood shoulder to shoulder with districts navigating their journey towards success. Our roots run deep in education, equipping us with the insights and understanding needed to drive real change. With a rich history in both teaching and strategic partnership, we're uniquely positioned to help schools achieve their goals.

Kyle Holder

Founder and President

Kyle Holder, President and Chief Developer of ion, blends tech innovation with deep familial commitment. Leading ion, he revolutionized educational data management, making it effortless for educators. Beyond tech, Kyle and his wife are dedicated foster and adoptive parents to four girls, embodying their belief in creating positive change.

Larry Schwartz

Chief Operations Officer

Larry Schwartz, the Chief Operations Officer at ion, boasts over 20 years of expertise in educational solutions, including significant contributions at Follett. His strategic vision has been pivotal in ion's success, streamlining operations to support educators and students effectively. Outside the office, Larry is a devoted family man, sharing his life with his wife and their two daughters, both of whom are navigating their college journeys.

Dameon Mason

Customer Success Advocate

Dameon Mason, ion's Customer Success Advocate, brings unparalleled dynamism from the basketball court to the educational technology field. As a former Division 1 College and European League basketball player, Dameon transitioned from professional sports to dedicate 15 years to mentoring players, coaches, and programs. His unique blend of leadership, teamwork, and development expertise made him an ideal fit for ion, where he applies his skills to ensure customers achieve success with our solutions.

Laura Barbieri


Laura Barbieri, ion's esteemed Trainer, brings over 25 years of experience as a reading teacher, interventionist, and instructional coach. Her journey with ion began in the classroom, where she implemented our solutions and became an advocate for their transformative impact. This passion led her to join our team, where she now spearheads training, webinars, and documentation, sharing her deep educational insights and ion expertise to empower educators and enhance student outcomes.

Ralph Smith

Lead Programmer

Rafael Smith, ion's skilled Programmer, has a unique background combining international experience and diverse interests. Originally from Atlanta, he spent 15 years in China teaching English and mastering martial arts. The pandemic brought him, his wife, and their soon-to-arrive first child back to America, where he joined ion. Rafael's global perspective and commitment to continuous learning now drive his innovative programming work, contributing significantly to our mission of enhancing educational technology solutions.

Mike Glidden

DBA, Programmer

Mike Glidden, serving as the Database Administrator and Programmer for ion, is a testament to the power of self-education. Hailing from Southeast Wisconsin, Mike transformed his passion for technology into a successful career without formal training, showcasing his exceptional talent in database management and programming. When he's not optimizing ion's data infrastructure or developing innovative solutions, Mike can be found engaging in video games, where he applies the same strategic thinking and problem-solving skills that mark his professional contributions.

Jen Visalli


Jen Visalli, the dedicated Account Manager at ion, brings a wealth of experience from her 15 years as a classroom teacher in Columbus, OH. Her passion for education and unwavering belief in every student's potential to succeed are what drew her to ion. Jen excels in introducing school districts to ion's tools, sharing her firsthand knowledge of the significant impact actionable data can have on enhancing student outcomes. Her deep understanding of classroom needs and educational challenges makes her an invaluable asset to both ion and the districts she serves.