At ion, we believe in transparency and simplicity. We understand how frustrating it can be to navigate hidden fees and obscured pricing structures when making decisions. That's why we're committed to clear communication from the start. However, we also believe that true value goes beyond just numbers. Before we discuss pricing, we want to ensure you fully grasp the unique benefits and lasting impact our solutions can offer to your district. This way, when we do talk about costs, you'll see them not just as numbers, but as a valuable investment in your future success. Let's explore together how our offerings can transform your operations, and then we'll guide you through our straightforward pricing structure, tailored to meet your specific needs.


Unlock the full potential of data analytics with minimal effort through our ion+ package. Designed for school districts seeking a comprehensive, worry-free solution, ion+ hands over the complexities of data management, report design, and system updates to our team of experts.

Your role is simple: log in and discover actionable insights that can transform your educational outcomes. With ion+, you're not just getting a platform; you're gaining a partner dedicated to ensuring your data works for you. Perfect for districts that prefer to focus on education rather than data management, ion+ makes data insights accessible, insightful, and effortlessly within reach.

With the ion Core package, take the reins of your data analytics platform to tailor it precisely to your school district's unique needs. This self-service option puts you in control, allowing your team to directly manage data imports, design custom reports, and implement updates whenever needed.

While you lead the way, our dedicated support team stands ready to assist, ensuring you have the expertise and guidance to maximize your platform's potential. Ideal for districts with in-house technical capabilities, the ion Core package offers the flexibility and autonomy to drive data-driven decisions at your pace.

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